Auditor Torque Data Analyzer with 10" Digital Touch Screen Display, for Torque and Pressure Analysis

Product: ATDA-8000-10-DCA-TP
Accurate, Easy-to-Use, Versatile Data Analyzer for Manufacturing Production Line that facilitated "point of use" tool validation


  • Adjustable auto-clear feature
  • Keylock security prevents unauthorized programming changes
  • Provides data output to computers or serial printers via serial communication
  • Data Collection device with Audit Manager software included
  • Uses AC power or NiMh batteries
  • Multiple transducer models can be connected at once using the onboard multiplexor
  • Verify torque settings and repeatability of hand tools, power tools, and pulse tools
  • Easy and convenient to use with touch screen operation
  • Push-button zero to quickly re-zero instrument reading
  • Four modes of processing torque signals:
    Peak: Records & displays highest torque peak
    First Peak: Records & displays first torque peak
    Track: Displays all torsional strain applied to transducer in real time (no memory)
    Pulse: Records accurate peak value achieved by hydraulic pulse tools
  • Selectable engineering units with 8 available scales
  • Selectable frequency response provides filtering for testing different types of torque tools
  • Internal memory capable of holding 999 points of data
  • Simple onboard statistical calculations: X Bar, STD deviation, Cp & CPK