UFT Hydraulic Joint Simulator - M10 Bolt Size

Product: UFT-S10
Accurately and Easily Simulate Joint Rates
  • Consists of a bolt-tightening body and a hydraulic pressure loading mechanism, with a hydraulic pressure circuit connecting both bodies
  • In the hydraulic pressure loading mechanism, the cylinder bore diameter and spring modulus creates a simulated load that is ideally equal to the actual tightening load
  • The cylinders that the hydraulic fluid is allowed to pass into determine the joint rate of the tester. This hydraulic load is then transferred to the bolt tightening body, which enables the tester to simulate various joint conditions accurately and consistently


  • Most repeatable and linear joint rate simulation available for pulse and continuous drive tool certification and testing
  • Easily and quickly simulate four joint rates by opening or closing two external valves
  • Specially coated testing bolt produces over 100,000 cycles without variation or deformation.
  • Sockets Included
  • Ideal for ISO 5393 testing
  • Reaction fixture for continuous drive tools not included