Transducerized Torque Wrench, 680 Nm, 500 Ft-lbs, 3/4" Sq. Dr.

Product: ATW-0500F
Transducer on a stick - communicates with Data Collector Testers and Analyzers


  • Non-Length Dependent - Where the operator's hand is positioned during use has no effect on torque readings
  • Available in Industry Standard (IS) or Intelligent (Intellect) Configurations - Transducer is compatible with a wide variety of IS style instruments or Auditor™ Intellect instruments that self recognize the transducer
  • Durable - Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber construction providing optimal strength and weight characteristics. Trasducer supplied with overload capacity of 150% of full scale
  • Accurate - Torque readings are accurate to 1% of indicated reading in top 95% of full scale