Battery Charger for Signature Series Tools, 18-19.2V, 3.0 A

Product: SPC-C218-19

The AIMCO Signature Series battery and charging system could not be more simple. One universal battery and one universal charger interface with any of the Signature Series Precision Clutch tools. Pistol type, angle type, low amount of torque output, or the highest torque tool in the range, each tool utilizes the same 18V Lithium Ion battery for superior charge life and weight. The charger accepts input AC power of 100–240AC, making use simple anywhere in the world.

The Signature Series battery features a slim profile design and a slide mount connection to the tool, which ensures durability and makes changing out batteries simple.

Charger Features:

  • Slide mount connection
  • 100-240 VAC Input
  • For all SPC-B2 Tool Batteries