UX-T Series - Shutoff 3/8" Square Drive

Product: UX-T700L
For Extremely Precise Torque Accuracy and Repeatability in Various Assembly Applications!


  • Ideal for applications requiring no operator influence in the final fastening rundown for precise torque repeatability
  • When preset torque is achieved, the hydraulic pressure is sufficient enough to bypass a spring-loaded piston and move the shutoff rod to rear, quickly opening the pilot valve and shutting off the tool
  • No air timer involved with shutoff mechanism



  • High speed rundown reduces fastening time
  • Shutoff mechanism instantly signals cycle completion to operator
  • One hand operation frees the other for productive use
  • Ergonomic benefits for less fatigue and increased productivity
  • Quick and easy forward and reverse operation with single-hand reverse lever



  • Virtually no reaction impulse during and after fastener rundown
  • Fast rundown reduces operator exposure
  • Low vibration and sound levels due to absence of metal-to-metal contact
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Anti-vibration jacket handle provides comfortable operator handling
  • Exhaust silencer with combined one-piece air inlet bushing
  • Quick and easy forward and reverse operation with single-hand reverse lever



  • No mechanical clutch or hard part engagement for low maintenance and longer life
  • Extended socket and extension life
  • Automatic shutoff series is self-diagnostic



  • Built-in torque adjuster and shutoff mechanism matches each application for required torque and fastening time
  • Extremely accurate on properly designed joints
  • Excellent clamp force repeatability
  • Torque adjustment on outside of tool
  • Monitoring available for process verification


Recommended Air Pressure: 85 psi

NOTE: Torque ranges reflect residual B joint torque values