UEP-MC Series Transducerized Electric Oil Pulse Tool, Quick Change Driver Anvil - 1/4" Hex Drive

Product: UEP-60DMC
UEP-MC Tool only. Requires use of Controller, Driver Cable, and Power Supply

The UEP electric pulse tools utilize a modern brushless DC electric motor. This provides the benefits of electric operation with proven pulse tool technology.


  • Torque verification by digital display of torque values and green light signal on controller (UEC-4500)
  • Documentation for data collection and networking
  • Magneto restrictive non-contacting transducer
  • Automatic shut-off function for reduced operator influence
  • The only controlled electric pulse tool on the market today
  • Incorporated driving blade rollers reduce friction inside the pulse unit, maximizing the power in a smaller package
  • Faster pulsing under load for the fastest cycle times
  • Reduced friction means longer tool life


  • Multiple parameter sets
  • Line control
  • Rollers reduce friction inside the pulse unit, maximizing power in a smaller package. Also speeds up pulsing under load for the fastest cycle times
  • Driver box has outputs for line control or bolt counting
  • Adjustable speed from 1500 – 2500 rpm
  • Slow start operation available


  • Pulse unit eliminates all torque reaction
  • Sound and vibration levels reduced over 65% vs. pneumatic pulse tools
  • Feather touch trigger with universal direction lever (for right or left handed operators)
  • Aluminum housing for light weight
  • Single cable connection
  • No exhaust lubricant in the work area


  • A revolutionary o-ring lasts 30%-50% longer with no leakage. Time between fluid changes is extended by over 50,000 cycles
  • The accumulator maintains a more constant fluid temperature for more accuracy and less frequent maintenance


  • Tight control
  • Detection of cross threading or stripped fasteners
  • Uses less electricity than pneumatic tools
  • No paint on tool - environmentally friendly

    Note: Model number ending in "D" come standard with 1/4" Hex quick-change chuck