iEC4ED Controller, DeviceNET Connectivity

Product: iEC4ED
This single controller operates the widest range of fastening tools on the market


  • Backward compatible – Works with any Gen III or Gen IV tool from 0.5 Nm – 8,100 Nm.
  • Bright LED screen – View torque, angle, bolt count, parameter set, job/sequence easily from a distance.
  • Web browser based programing – Receive data on your PC, tablet, SmartPhone, or any other web-capable device. You can use more than one device at a time: Be in program mode on one device while reviewing real-time curves on another while watching tool diagnostics on a third.
  • Multiple Fastening Strategies – Program up to 256 parameters with as many as 20 stages.
  • Jobs capability – 99
  • Backup & restore through USB or Ethernet
  • Assignable I/O (8 X 8)
  • Rundown storage – 20,000 including curves
  • Event log – 5,000
  • Real-time curve viewing
  • Programmable calibration and service alerts
  • Top exit tool cable option available

Networking Capabilities

  • Ethernet protocols including Open Protocol, Ethernet/IP and PFCS.
  • Modular field bus connectivity: PROFIBUS, DeviceNET, Modbus TCP, or any Fieldbus offered by Anybus.
  • Data collection.
  • Serial protocols and string output.
  • Bar code scanning and printing.
  • Multi-spindle synchronization.


  • Four digit torque display
  • Secondary display allows user to easily set and toggle through information:
    • Angle
    • Engineering units
    • Bolt count
    • Job/job sequence
  • Optional 7” graphical display:
    • Runs the same software on pc for ease of use.
    • Real time graphing for application review.
    • Selectable run screens
  • LED display: Large numbers can be seen from a distance.
  • Parameter set display: Displays current parameter set and enables user to quickly change by scrolling up or down.


  • AcraDyne’s software package is on-board every AcraDyne controller and is provided FREE of charge. This comprehensive, user-friendly program allows programming, analysis, and diagnostics.
  • The software is based on a standard web browser. This allows you to connect the AcraDyne controller with any computer, tablet, or smart device. Connect through Ethernet, USB, or wirelessly via a network to which both devices are connected.
  • Adding and editing Parameter Sets (256) and Jobs (99) Is easy and intuitive in the parameter set up function.
  • View curve results in real time or one of the up to 20,000 stored in memory to program the application for optimal performance.
  • Tool programming and diagnostics for repair, calibration and advanced troubleshooting.
  • Several run screens to choose from. The large screen indicators are helpful in viewing real time results of the rundown from a distance.