F-Series Nutrunner System Main Unit

Product: UEC-F300M

This main unit for the F Series Nutrunner System uses open network communication.

Power Socket 
AC100~220V single phase

External Input/Output Connector 
PLC1: input signal connector for control signal input (fixed allocation)
PLC2: output signal connector for judgement result and status output (free allocation)

Serial Port (Data Input Connector)
RS232C Data-In accepts serial numbers, etc. provided by external equipment such as a barcode reader then outputs tightening data together with serial numbers.

Serial Port (Data Output Connector)
RS232C Printer outputs tightening result data to your printer (free format)

Serial Port (Data Output Connector)
RS232C PLC outputs tightening result data to PLC (free format)

Serial Port (Data Output Connector)
RS485 outputs tightening result data to an external exclusive display unit

PC Connector
RS232C for communication with a PC

Spindle-to-Spindle Communication Connector
RS485 for internal spindle unit to spindle unit communications

Manual Switches
Reset, Start, Reverse and CaL

Led Display
Power, M Run, Accept, Reject and Alarm