Rotary Transducer, Industry Standard, Torque Only, 1/4" Square Drive

Product: ARTIS-25S-10T
Designed to Accurately Measure Dynamic Torque of Power Tools!


  • IS (Industry Standard) is designed to work well with most torque analyzers, readouts, and data collectors. Manufactured with a military type connector and has a torque signal of 2 mv output per volt of excitation.
  • Verifies torque or torque/angle output of multiple or single spindle controlled tools
  • Best transducer for testing pulse tools


  • Patented design eliminates "brush bounce"
  • Drag friction is less than .1% rated torque or .1 NM
  • Overload Capacity of 125% FSD
  • Accuracy is better than +/- 1% of FSD
  • Zero Drift of less than .1% rated torque per degree Celsius
  • Small compact design, which allows use in limited access areas
  • Rugged aluminum alloy housing
  • Lifetime warranty on slip ring & brush design including
  • Cable not included. Contact AIMCO for applicable cable choices