Dual-Transducer High-Capacity Test Stand for Testing Rotary and Hydraulic Tools

Product: AHDTS-5025
Includes Rundown Fixture and Reaction Fixture with a Single Display


•    Dual transducer stations for testing multiple ranges or different types of tools.
•    Solid machined aluminum plate for stability, includes rundown fixture and bearing support for RD test stand models.
•    Steel reaction posts with drill bushings for strength and durability.
•    Reaction fixture for low profile wrenches
•    Welded stainless steel table.
•    Supplied with ATDA torque analyzer display and articulated arm.


Display Specifications

  • System Accuracy: 0.5% bidirectional
  • Engineering Units: Eight selectable: in-oz, in-lb, ft-lb, Nm, cNm, kgf-cm, gf-cm, kgf-m
  • Modes: Track, Peak, or First Peak
  • Housing:  Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Batteries:Rechargable NiMH batteries provide 10–12 hours of continuous use
  • System Dimensions    Approximately 24” x 42” x 35”
  • System Weight:  185 lbs. (approx.)
  • Display:  Segmented, four active digits