RF Kit Including UDBP-TA60(P)-RF Shut-off Battery Pulse Tool, 2 Batteries, 1 Charger, and 1 RF Receiver

Product: UDBP-TA60(P)-RF-KTR
The next generation of the cordless pulse tool. Combines industry-leading pulse technology with Lithium-Ion battery power.


  • Uryu Direct Battery Pulse – UDBP – This new design connects the pulse unit directly to the motor…no reduction gearing! This means a tool with less noise and vibration.
  • The new brushless IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motor provides longer motor life and more efficiency allowing more fastening cycles per battery charge.
  • On-board LED’s for application illumination.
  • Li-Ion battery provides more power and ends the “battery-memory” issues of NiCd batteries.
  • Tool / battery combination is 27% lighter than earlier UBP tools.
  • RF Types transmit “Good” signal to Receiver (sold separately) over 426Mhz
  • “Good” signal can be used for Poka-Yoke or Bolt Counting
  • "P" Represents the 3/8 square drive with the socket retainer pin
  • KIT includes: Tool, 2 Batteries, 1 Charger