Automatic Screw Feed System, Hopper Capacity of 450cc (500 - 2500pcs)

Product: A-315V
Achieve Higher Output, Lower Fatigue, Lower Costs, and Faster Speeds on Your High Volume Fastening Needs and Assembly Line Production

Features and benefits

  • Delivers fastener directly to the driver.
  • For #2 - #10 fasteners, up to 1 inch long.
  • Available for captive washer type screws (A-315V).
  • Feed speed of up to 1 screw per second.
  • System includes feeder, hose assembly, air screwdriver, and FRL.


  • Eliminates reaching for fasteners.
  • Most jams are easily cleared on the line.
  • Frees operator’s hand for productive use.
  • Large hopper holds between 1000-5000 fasteners.


  • Eliminates manual handling of fasteners and shavings.
  • Reduces workspace clutter.
  • Keeps workspace clean of dropped fasteners.
  • Torque reaction of standard driver is minimal and can be eliminated with optional Ergo-Arm®.


  • Longest warranty in the industry — 3 years.
  • Rocking Bar design only operates as needed.
  • “Photo eyes” maximize motor life.
  • Design eliminates burrs and shavings by minimal 
  • handling of the fastener.
  • Durable head assembly lasts for years.
  • There are more Acra-Feed® systems in use than any other system.

Delivery hose: 10 ft.