Moment Alpha Quality Torque Wrench 40 Nm

Product: CPSMJ00
Ensure accuracy in quality applications


  • One wrench / tablet analyzer to perform audits in full torque range from 0.5 - 1,000 Nm (with optional accessories)
  • Torque and angle measurement
  • Modular system with self-identifying accessories
  • Wireless delivery via Wifi / Bluetooth
  • Works in both clockwise and counter-clockwise operation
  • Used standard drive adapters
  • Rechargeable battery pack (wrench handle)
  • Tactile feedback to operator


  • Kit includes Wrench, Wrench Battery, Battery Charger, 40 Nm Adapter, Quality Controller and Quality Premium Software

* Additional kits available. Contact your AIMCO Customer Service Representative, 1-800-852-1368.