GCI Torque Reaction Arm, IP Series

Product: IP7
Torque Reaction Arm, 3,000 Nm


  • Available in aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber
  • Configurable installation: floor mount, wall mount, overhead mount, bench mount, or portable base
  • Braking options: manual/automatic, discrete braking with verification, parking brakes, and electric/pneumatic actuation
  • Tool holding options: fixed position, gimbal mount
  • Integrated tool start/brake actuation capability: tool trigger start, remote tool start
  • Smart Arm Capabilities:
    • Available with as many as six encoders to monitor all desirable tool positions relative to application
    • Intuitive, user-friendly AdaptiCS PC-based software that runs on an integrated industrial PC or on a customer supplied PC
    • Accepts easily scalable part images