Pistol High Torque Tool: 625Nm, .75in Sq. Dr., 360° Swivel Gearcase

Product: AEP4B66625B

Features and Benefits

Critical high torque assembly and bolting applications demand tools that deliver torque with superior performance and durability.  The precision design of the HT Series from AcraDyne combines these features in an electric tool that beats the competition on productivity and ergonomics.  AcraDyne's transducerized torque control system provides consistent, reliable torque values as well as the ability to monitor rotational angle during the tightening process.  When combined with AcraDyne's Controllers, customers experience a high torque, critical bolting system that can handle the toughest and most important bolting jobs.  Faster speed, coupled with its extreme accuracy, makes this bolting system an outstanding, cost-effective investment.

  • Transducerized closed-loop control, NOT current control like most high torque products available.
  • One of the only high torque tools in the world with the transducer at the output. Torque is measured at the output, not before the gearing like competing products.
  • No effect on results caused by gear wear.
  • The torque reported is the torque delivered.
  • Most accurate high torque tools in the world.
  • Up to three times faster than the competition.
  • Interchangeable Tools, Cables and Controllers - calibrations are specific to the tool not the system as a whole.
  • Universal Controller for all AcraDyne tools.
  • On-tool LEDs for Accept/Reject signals.