Linear Arm

Product: LQ-0024H Series

LQ series Ergo-Arms are ideal for applications with higher weight and torque requirements. Very compatible with a wide range of tools from small electric screwdrivers to larger, high torque DC nutrunners. This extremely smooth, linear arm allows freedom of movement along X & Y axis.

LQ series Ergo-Arms are kitted with tool specific tool mounts.


  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity with the ERGO-ARM® ergonomic tool support sytem series
  • Use with inline higher torque DC nutrunner
  • Use with pistol grip lower torque DC nutrunner (requires addition of part 0045 or 0047)
  • Vertical or horizontal screw application
  • Side by side configuration of linear slides provide additional stability for heavier or higher torque tools
  • Arm movement is up-down and 360o side-side rotation unless limited by tool configuration. Clearance required for movement equals reach of arm.*
  • End of arm fixturing allows operator the full grip of tool with no pinch points
  • Optional swivel tool mount is available
  • Power source for arm is mechanical (no air line is required)
  • Shipped with two TW-3 balancers


*Note: For specific measurements please call Customer Service at 800-852-1368