Tightening Monitor

Product: ATM-1-1
Tightening Monitor for Process Verification

Flexible Poka-Yoke for Quality and Line Control
Simple and reliable means to monitor your process.  You have good tools, so now take the next step and make sure your assembly process is being followed properly.

Features Include:

  • Verify your assembly procedures are being followed
  • Up to four joints with one tool and one ATM
  • Communicates with your line and computers
  • Audible and visual indications

Process Verification:

  • Accept / Reject indication on all rundowns
  • 4 Selectable parameters
  • Cycle counting and batch counting
  • Visual and audible indicators
  • Programmable timers for detection of double hits, cross-threads, or premature trigger release

Communication and Line Control:

  • PLC communications inputs (5) / outputs (8)
  • Remote parameter switch selection
  • Variable relays for interfacing with process equipment
  • Optional network interfaces available


  • Programming from PC or keypad
  • Simple setup for minimal training requirements
  • Auto calibration
  • Available for 110V or 220V incoming power
  • Incoming power fused for protection

For Use With Tools With TM Feature Installed:
AIMCO / Uryu Pulse Tools
AIMCO / Uryu Angle Nutrunners
AIMCO / Uryu Clutch Screwdrivers
AIMCO / DynaTorque Stall Bar High-torque Nutrunners