UXR-MC Series Transducerized Pneumatic Oil-Pulse Tool, Super Intelec Series - 3/4" Sq. Dr.

Product: UXR-1820MC
Combines all the Benefits of the ALPHA Series, Plus the Process Verification and Documentation of a Controlled Tool


  • "Good"/"No Good" LED Lamp provides verification after each cycle
  • Delivers pure dynamic torque readings on time, every time with the non-contacting, brushless rotary transducer
  • Internal solenoid valve protects the shut-off assembly without providing an unbalanced design
  • Works with any UEC-4800 controller


  • High speed rundown reduces fastening time
  • Shut off mechanism instantly signals cycle completion to operator
  • One hand operation frees the other for productive use
  • Ergonomic benefits reduce fatigue and increase productivity


  • Virtually no reaction impulse during and after fastener rundown
  • Fast rundown reduces operator exposure
  • Low vibration and sound levels due to absence of metal-to-metal contact
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Anti-vibration jacket handle provides comfortable operator handling
  • Exhaust silencer with combined one-piece air inlet bushing
  • Quick and easy forward and reverse operation with single-hand reverse lever


  • No mechanical clutch or hard part engagement for low maintenance and longer life
  • Extended socket and extension life
  • Automatic shut-off series is self-diagnostic


  • Achieves the highest CPK performance by combining the precision match of a pulse unit, air motor and automatic shut-off
  • Provides the tightest mean shift across the joint spectrum by releasing less kinetic energy and more pulses per second of applied torque
  • Built-in torque adjuster and shut-off mechanism matches each application for required torque and fastening time
  • Excellent clamp force repeatability

Note: Torque Ranges reflect residual B joint torque values

Models containing "D" indicate 1/4" quick change bit holder