Ergo-Arm® Standard Air Cylinder Series, Single Arm

Product: AD-D1098-SAC
Air Cylinder Series, Air Manifold Tool Mount

All Classic Ergo-Arms rotate on mounting post 180o and allow a reach of 4 - 30 inches through the incorporation of a two piece articulating arm. Ergo-Arms provide ergonomic support for electric and pneumatic tools, reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity, consistency, and accuracy.


  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity with the ERGO-ARM® ergonomic tool support sytem series
  • Single arm design allows operator control while absorbing torque reaction and supporting tool weight
  • End of arm swivel tooling allows for maximum rotation of tool. For use with:
    -Inline pneumatic tool is standard
    -Pistol grip or angle head tool requires addition of part EAA-21
    -Inline electric tool requires addition of part EAP-202ED-Kit
    -Pistol electric tool requires addition of part EAA-21
    -Can be customized for use with Automatic Screwfeeder
  • Horizontal, vertical or varied screw application
  • Arm movement is forward-backward, up-down and 180o side-side
  • Power source for arm is pneumatic (air line is required)