Floor-Mounted 3 ft Swinging Jib

Product: AW3FMS
All floor mounted units include end stop, balancer trolley, and intermediate carrier. Maximum weight 30 lbs. Column height 6 ft

All complete assemblies are beige polyester finish and include balancer trolley, end caps, and end stops.

Floor mounted assemblies are not able to ship via UPS.

When choosing a workstation system, remember total weight capacities should include tool balancer, balancer, hose/cable, and tool/fixture. Units need to be supported vertically and horizontally every 6 ft.

Workstation Components and Assemblies

Create your own support systems to suit your specific needs using workstation assemblies or components, Ergo-Arms® and balancers from AIMCO.

  • Organize work areas to create a safe, productive working environment
  • Reduce risk of cumulative trauma to worker by providing full support of tools
  • Protect valuable tools, fixtures, and monitoring devices from damage by suspending them out of the way