Mag-O-Net® Detachable Magnetic Rings For 1/4" Shank Screwdriver Bit

Product: AM1/4Z

A Revolutionary Way to Convert Standard Bits to Magnetic Bits!


  • Commonly used sizes available
  • Fits virtually any standard screwdriver bit
  • Increases productivity by easily locating fasteners and eliminating dropped fasteners
  • Reusable ind interchangeable - once a bit is worn out, simply remove your Mag-O-Net®* and slide it onto the next bit
  • Lifetime guarantee on magnetic pull


  • Magnetic pull is easily adjustable by moving Mag-O-Net® collar closer to or further from fastener


  • Improves torque transfer by eliminating "wobble effect"


  • Turn virtually any standard screwdriver bit into a magnetized bit by simply sliding on a Mag-O-Net® collar


  • An easy, cost effective alternative to traditional magnetic bit holder and insert bit combination

    *U.S. Patent 5861789