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Auditor ATDA-8000 Torque Data Analyzer

Touch Screen Auditor™ Torque Analyzers

Verify torque settings and repeatability of hand tools, power tools, and pulse tools.

Auditor offers the ATDA-8000 and the ATDA-8000-10-DCA(-TA)(-TP). The ATDA-8000 is a touch screen instrument with a high resolution display and user interface that facilitates “point of use” tool validation. The user interface is intuitive and the display provides clear easy to read data. Features and parameter settings are password protected to ensure parameters cannot be inadvertently changed. After initial setup, the instrument provides semi-automatic tool validation and judgment.

The ATDA-8000 is a single channel instrument with a 7" touch screen. The ATDA-8000-10-DCA(-TA)(-TP) is a larger instrument that includes a 10" touch screen and a multiplexor for connection to multiple transducers allowing a wide range of tools to be tested with one instrument. Both systems work with AIMCO’s line of digital transducers.

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