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DataPro / SQnet Software Suite

DataPro Software + SQnet Software - Torque Cart Data Management

As the data management system for the AIMCO Torque Cart line, DataPro and SQnet software provide tool management, verification, and calibration. Users can manage complete tool inventory, create jobs/routes, and store collected data. Calibration sequencing can be scheduled by time or number of rundowns.


The axis of the trace can be torque/time, torque/angle, angle/time. Save a trace, retrieve it, and overlay a new trace for comparison. Trace details are displayed at the bottom of the graph: max. values, plot time (ms), number of data points, filter frequency, and sample rate. 

SQnet - Quality Control & Production Line

SQnet is designed to manage quality control of the production line, manage all the tools (supplier, models, technical specifications), and manage related qualitycontrol tests (Cm, Cmk, and XR charts).

Torque Verification

DataPro displays sample values of torque, angle, and pulse count. It calculates statistics: average, Cp, Cpk, Six Sigma, and Mean variation. As values are measured, they are graphically plotted on a X-bar range chart scaled to specification limits. 

Database Information

View operation lists and associated tools along with historic test or quality data. From the historic data screen, launch statistical graphs to view and analyze archived data. Graphs include X-bar range, histogram, Six Sigma, Cp, and Cpk graphs.