What's New

Freedom3 Wrench

The Freedom3 Wrench offers a uniquely complete tightening solution. Its patented angle measuring system, large color touch screen, and internal 1 GB memory, make it the best performing and flexible torque/angle wrench on the market. The Freedom3 Wrench is filled with countless advanced capabilities and features such as:

  • Full-color 2.8" touchscreen provides a graphical display with zoom/plot features
  • Vibration and LED visual queues 
  • Create a tightening strategy on the wrench
  • Capable of communicating with PLC and system network
  • Auto-recognition of insert head (optional) 
  • Docking station
  • Bar Code Reader (optional) 
  • Wireless technology (optional) 
  • Advanced tightening strategies with easy input steps
  • Embedded firmware targeting all operational functions - Lab analysis (LAB), Quality (SPC), Production (PRW)
  • ​Highly functional software options
  • Simple flexibility with end effectors
  • Programmable or self recognizing length/torsion adjustments ensure accurate measurements with any custom attachment
  • Large internal memory
  • Long battery life










GEN IV Controller

In celebration of AcraDyne's 15th Anniversary, we have launched the new Gen IV Controller, developed to be the core of the modular AcraDyne DC system. The Gen IV is compatible with more than 300 models of tools from .05 Nm to 8,100 Nm and will command any tool in the AcraDyne line with one cable. The Gen IV is filled with countless advanced capabilities and features such as:

  • Bright LED screen - View torque, angle, bolt count, parameter set, job/sequence easily from a distance.
  • Graphical screen with on-board software that is the same on all devices.
  • Web browser based programming - Receive data on your PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or any other web capable device. You can use more than on device at a time - be in program mode on one device while reviewing real-time curves on another while watching tool diagnostics on a third.
  • Rundown storage - 10,000 including the curves.
  • Event log - 5000
  • Programmable calibration and service charts.

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