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What´s New

October 28 - 30, 2014 — Visit our booth, 1607, at this year's Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. Email Bobbi McConnell, bobbi.mcconnell@aimco-global.com, to reserve your appointment with one of our Sales Experts and receive a FREE demonstration.

October 6 - 9, 2014 — Join us at Motek, this international trade fair is the world's leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation. Visit our booth to see cutting edge technology in the broadest range of DC Controlled Fastening Tools and Torque Measurment equipment. Contact Bobbi McConnell at, bobbi.mcconnell@aimco-global.com, to schedule your FREE demonstration and consultation with one of our experts.

May 5 - 8, 2014 — Visit our booth, 2475, at this year’s AWEA WINDPOWER Show. This year’s show will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. Email Bobbi McConnell at, bobbi.mcconnell@aimco-global.com, to reserve your personal appointment with one of our Sales Experts and receive a FREE demonstration.

October 2013 — AIMCO will be attending MOTEK, the world’s largest assembly technology show, in Stuttgart, Germany, from October 7th – October 10th. Halle 1, Booth 1625.

August 2013 — AIMCO attends the 2013 International Mining Exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

October, 2012 —   AIMCO Contributes as Portland Goes Global
The ornamental carp swimming in the pond at AIMCO'S southeast Portland headquarters hint at the companies 1970's origins as a distributor of Japanese air-powered tools. Yet today, the company is a manufacturer and exporter as well as an importer, and offers one of the most comprehensive lines of electric, pneumatic, and cordless industrial power tools available. AIMCO’S tools are used to tighten bolts on everything from laptops to automobiles to wind-turbine towers.
Gold, Eric. "Portland Goes Global". Alaska Airlines Magazine OCT. 2012: 82-83.

To read the complete article from Alaska Airlines Magazine click here.

Mar 23, 2012 — Siemers, Eric. "Oregon´s electric vehicle cluster rethinks its image"   Porland Business Journal   23 May 2012:21.

Mar 08, 2012 — Read, Richard. "Growing Exports put Oregon on Global Stage."   Oregonian Article   8 March 2012: B1 - 4.

May 2013 — City of Portland Awards AIMCO the 2013 Export Leader Award. Each year, the City of Portland's Mayor recognizes a small group of companies that have distinguished themselves in exports and attracting foreign direct investment. The purpose of this recognition is to highlight the importance and relevance of conducting business internationally and the positive affect it has on our local economy.

AIMCO has been selected as a company that exemplifies the power of a deliberate export strategy plan thus driving local revenue and helping to bring jobs into the NW region. AIMCO has focused their efforts on international trade for over 25-years. With a global presence that stretches from North America, to South America, Asia, and Europe, it is with great pride that AIMCO will accept this award.

City of Portland´s Mayor Comes to AIMCO

November 2011 — As one of the top exporters of industrial power tools used for assembly operations in the U.S., the City of Portland´s Mayor, Sam Adams, recently visited AIMCO´s headquarters to discuss AIMCO´s presence in the export industry, as well as, how AIMCO can play a valuable role in the Mayor´s new Regional Export Strategy initiative for the Portland Metro region.

The plan highlights the importance of industry competitiveness, innovation, and access to foreign markets in achieving economic growth and job creation, and aims to implement these strategies by identifying specific resources and support needed to sustain and broaden the region's position as a national export leader.

Please enjoy the following video of the Mayor´s visit featuring Doug Hall (AIMCO´s President/CEO), Ken Maio (AIMCO´s Product Development Manager), Mayor Sam Adams, and Noah Siegel (Mayor´s Director of International Affairs).
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ISA - Best In Class Award

2010 ASSEMBLY Magazine
TOP 10 US Companies

May 2013 - AIMCO receives Export Leader Award at the City of Portland Mayor’s Annual International Business Awards dinner

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