Fixtured Nutrunner, AIMCO Global, High speed rundown, Torque monitoring



Uryu's Fixtured F-Series Nutrunner System is very popular in various industries, especially in automobile assembly lines, where two or more bolts or nuts must be tightened simultaneously.  

Reduced Cable Numbers - Integral type tube containing torque sensor cable and resolver cable.

Enhanced Memory Capacity - Designed with increased memory capacity for improved efficiency of assembly line and tightening data control.

Open Network Communication - We have prepared various types of communication boards for your specifications (M-NET, Device net, Inter-bas, CC-link).

Automatic Setting (Automatic recommended value input) - Advance value preparation per application will help you simplify your parameter setting.

Space Saving - One piece structure contained spindle controller and driver unit reduces space occupancy by 40% to 60% .

AIMCO fixtured f-series nutrunner system - when PRODUCTIVITYERGONOMICSRELIABILITY, and QUALITY matter.