Product Manuals

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Gen IV Controller:


Gen IV iAC Controller Operation Manual

Gen IV iEC Controller Operation Manual

Gen IV iBC Controller Operation Manual

Gen IV iPC Controller Operation Manual

Gen IV iBC-Z Controller Operation Manual

Gen IV iEC4W Field Controller Manual

Gen IV Controller Quick Start Guide

Gen IV Controller Smart Arm Configuration Manual


Controller Firmware Management

Gen IV Controller Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Gen IV Controller Application Software and Firmware Guide 


Communication Protocols/Systems Documents

Gen IV Anybus Instructions

Gen IV Assignable IO Instructions

Gen IV Ethernet Instructions

Gen IV Ethernet IP Instructions

Gen IV FTP Instructions

Gen IV Modbus Instructions

Gen IV Open Protocol Instructions

Gen IV PFCS Instructions

Gen IV Serial Instructions

Gen IV Telnet Instructions

Gen IV ToolsNet Instructions

Gen IV XML Instructions

Gen IV Controller ProfiNet Instructions


Line Controls

Gen IV Controller on PI Line Control Network

Configuring Mitsubishi PLC CC-Link IE Field Network

Configuring Mitsubishi PLC CC-Link Network

Configuring Rockwell PLC with Anybus DP-V1 Slave Module Instructions

Using Rockwell PLC with DeviceNet Instructions

Configuring Rockwell PLC with EtherNet IP Instructions

Configuring Rockwell PLC with Modbus TCP Instructions

Using Rockwell PLC with Modbus TCP Instructions

Using Rockwell PLC with Profibus Instructions



System Port Connectivity Troubleshooting for PCs




Gen III 1000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen III 2000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen III 3000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen III 5000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen IV 1000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen IV 2000 Series Nutrunner Manual

Gen IV High-Torque Series DC Nutrunner Manual

AcraDrive DC Pulse Tool Manual

ToolWare v3.0.1.0 Manual for iEC Systems

ErgoArms Operation Manual

Multi-Position Socket Tray User Manual

Torque Verification Cart Manual

Tool Manager Software Manual for AcraDyne Cordless ABP, ABN, ABS Tools

IO Wiring Adapter With Diodes Instructions


Pulse Tools:

UAT / UL / ULT Omega Pulse Tools

UAT Series Operation Instructions

UAT Series Repair Manual

UL Series Operation Instructions

UL Series Repair Manual

UL Series Repair Limits

ULT Series Operation Instructions

ULT Series Repair Manual

ULT Series Repair Limits


U / UX / UXR Acra-Pulse Tools

U-EC/UX-EC & Alpha-MC / UL-MC Operation Instructions

Alpha, U & UX Series Operation Instructions

U, UX and Alpha Repair Limits Manual

UX, UXR, Alpha Series Repair Manual

UX-450, 500, 612 Alpha-45, 50, 60 Repair Manual

UX & UX-T Air Motor Repair Manual

UX-T, UXR-T & Alpha-T Series Pulse Unit Repair Manual

Alpha-T & UX-T Series Operation Instructions

Alpha-T42 - T62 & UBP-7, T7 Pulse Unit Repair Manual

Alpha-T42 - T62 & Large Alpha - Alpha-T Air Motor Repair Manual


Service Equipment

VC-101-2A Pulse Unit Vacuum Tank System

VCE-1-1 Vacuum Extractor Operation Instructions






Cordless Tools:

AcraDyne Cordless ABP, ABN, ABS & UltraTorque 

AcraDyne Cordless ABP, ABN, ABS Tools Manual

AcraDyne AB-C18110 and AB-C18220 Battery Charger Manual

AcraDyne Cordless AB-C18-4W Multi-Bay Charger Manual

AB Series Instructions - Save a Curve Backup File

AB Series Instructions - Recover Your Tool


ABG Cordless Series

AcraDyne Cordless ABG Series Manual


ABETP Cordless XT Series

AcraDyne ABETP Cordless XT Series Manual


Signature Series

Signature Series Precision Clutch Shut Off Angle Nutrunner (SPC-A Models)

Signature Series Precision Clutch Shut Off Pistol Screwdriver (SPC-P Models)

Signature Series SPC-2PGM Tool Speed Programmer

Signature Series (SIW Models) Manual


Uryu Cordless Tools

BP-T Series Battery Oil Pulse Tools Manual

UBX-T Series Battery Pulse Tool Manual

UDBP-T Series 40, 50, 60 & 70 Operation Instructions




HT Pneumatic Nutrunner Manual

High Torque Nutrunner Manual

UAN Series Operation Instructions

UAN Series Repair Manual

UOW URW Series Operation Instructions

UOW Series Repair Manual

URW Series Repair Manual

F-Series Main Unit Manual

F-Series Spindle Unit Manual

S2112WO Series Head Repair Manual



Drills Operation Instructions

URD Series Drills Operation Instructions



Die Grinder Manual

Horizontal, Angle, and Vertical Grinders Manual


Torque Measurement:

Auditor Torque Data Analyzers

ATDA-8000 Torque Data Analyzer User Guide

Auditor Torque Data Analyzer User Guide

Auditor Torque Data Analyzer DC User Guide


Auditor Universal Electronic Testers

AUET Torque Analyzer User Guide

AUET Torque Analyzer Quick Start Guide

AUET Torque Analyzer Mounting Template

AUET/MTM-DC Torque Tester User Guide


Auditor Torque Wrenches

ADW Series Torque Wrench Users Guide

Auditor Torque Wrench Loader Assembly Manual


Phoenix III Transducerized Digital Torque Wrenches

Phoenix II/Phoenix III Transducerized Digital Torque Wrench User Manual


Auditor High Capacity Test Stands

AHCTS Series Continuous Rotation Torque Tool Test Stands User Guide

AHCTS-K Series Hydraulic Wrench Test Stands User Guide


Auditor Torque Cube (ATC)

Auditor Torque Cube Operation Manual


UFT Joint Simulators

UFT Series Joint Simulator Operation Manual


Auditor Torque Carts

Torque Cart Manual


DynaTorque Torque Multipliers

DynaTorque Multiplier Manual


Auditor Data Collection Software 

SMD Software Manual


Rundown Fixtures

AcraDyne's Portable Rundown Fixture Operators Manual


Moment Alpha Digital Torque Wrench

Moment Alpha Quick Start Guide

Moment Alpha User Manual

Moment Alpha Open Protocol Instructions - SB00033

Moment Alpha Bluetooth Pairing Instructions - SB00034






Assembly Systems:

A-50 Standard Screw Presenter Operations Manual

A-50 Standard Screw Presenter Disassembly, Re-assembly Parts Manual

A2100 Screw Feed Systems Manual

ERGO-ARM Tool Support Systems Operation Manual

Application Manual For Arms and Fixtures

Spring Balancer TW-3 & TW-5 Operations Manual

Spring Balancer TW-9 to TW-70 Instruction Manual



LT Screwdriver Operation Instructions

LT Screwdriver Repair Manual

AE-2015 Screwdriver Operation Instructions

AE-224PS/AE278PS Screwdriver Power Supplies Manual

AE-4510/AE-4520 Screwdriver Operation Instructions

AM-45 / AM-65 Digital Fastener Counter Instruction Manual

TM-45 & 65 Operation Instruction Manual

TM-45 & 65 Quick Start Guide


Controllers / Monitors URYU:

UECD-4800 Instruction Manual 

UEC-4800 (Non SD) Instruction Manual

UEC-4800 (SD) Instruction Manual

UEC-4800TP Instruction Manual 

UEC-4800TPA Instruction Manual 

UTM-1500 Fastening Counter Manual 

UTM-1500 Software Manual 

ATM-1-1 Tightening Monitor Operations Manual 


Production Tools:

Impacts Operation Instructions

One-Shot Hammer RH-100Z Operation Instructions 

Percussion Tools Operation Instructions 


Tool Support Systems:

Portable Lubricator Instructions



AIMCO Warranty

Fill, Draw & Torque Sheet

PTRF Operations Manual

Recommendation on Pulse Fluid Change

MSDS-APPF Hydraulic Pulse Fluid

MSDS-Univis HVI 26 SPF-Oil 

MSDS-Pulstar Fluid

MSDS-Pulstar 2 Fluid 

MSDS-Pulstar 3 Fluid

MSDS-Hammer Case Oil 

MSDS-Hydraulic Oil AW ISO32

Service Manual for ABP, ABN and ABS Cordless Tools

Service Center Locations

Team Viewer Quick Start Guide