Increased Revenue – Decreased Cost


PERQ® is the industry-standard formula that matches the needs of manufacturers with the assembly tools they use in their processes.

AIMCO and its distributors evaluate each manufacturer based on the PERQ® formula to determine that company’s unique blend of the PERQ® elements – productivity, ergonomics, reliability and quality – we then provide tooling options that will enhance that mix.  The end result is a manufacturing process that runs efficiently, produces high quality products and does so at the lowest possible cost.

Combining PERQ® with AIMCO’s vast experience and unequalled service will enable any manufacturer to succeed in the global marketplace.

Each of the PERQ®  elements acts as a gear – each interacts with the others to affect the overall profitability of the manufacturing process. AIMCO looks at each step in the manufacturing process to determine the best type of tool, or equipment, for that application. Only AIMCO, with its extensive product lineup, can offer the manufacturer the ideal tool for the job, whether it be continuous drive or pulse tool, electric, pneumatic or battery powered.


Every manufacturer wants to produce finished goods in the most cost-effective manner possible. Whether the customer is a large automotive manufacturer, building several hundred vehicles daily, or an electronics company producing individual, custom made components, AIMCO provides products and services that allow each company to work at their ideal pace in order to keep its processes running efficiently.


Employees are the most important assets of any company. Protecting these individuals from job related health issues is critical. To help its customers face the challenges surrounding ergonomics, AIMCO focuses on providing products that combine a lack of torque reaction, low vibration, light weight, as well as quiet and simple operation. These features allow assemblers to do their job in the safest possible manner and help manufacturers avoid the often hidden costs of workplace injuries.


To keep production lines running, tools must perform reliably. AIMCO helps manufacturers face the challenges of maintenance, repair and lost labor time by offering products with superior workmanship and durability. By combining high quality products with a detailed and flexible service-training program, AIMCO ensures its tools will meet the customer’s expectations of reliability.


The most important challenge faced by many companies is to meet the customer’s demands for quality. AIMCO provides assembly tools that have been tested and proven to meet the most stringent engineering specifications. AIMCO backs those tools up with its innovative AuditorTM torque measurement products. This allows manufacturers to focus on their most important goal—creating a quality product.