DynaTorque Manual Torque Multiplier, Max Torque 800 Nm

Product: ATM-800
Economical Solution to High-Torque Bolting Applications


  • Superior power to weight ratio
  • Delivered torque accuracy +/- 4%
  • True torque multiplication ratios
  • Standard reaction arms supplied. Custom reaction arms/nose extensions available to suit specific applications
  • Replaces long lever arms and/or slugging wrenches
  • Manually powered - no external power source required
  • Value priced
  • No preventative maintenance required
  • Overload protected by shear drive design


Anti-Wind Up Feature
Standard on models delivering 2800 Nm and up

  • Eliminates the backward force on the torque input device
  • Insures safe operation by the operator by not allowing the input device to spring backward when released
  • Eliminates the need to continually rotate the input device in 360 degree movements to apply torque. In many applications this is simply not possible
  • Facilitates removal of the multiplier from the application upon completion of the job


Shear-Off System

  • Protects gear system against overload
  • Easily replace sheared-off pins at the work site
  • Spare torsion shaft included


Carrying Case
All DynaTorque Multipliers are supplied in a rugged, weather-resistant, portable carrying case.