High Torque Angle Nutrunner 1,000 Nm, 1" Sq. Dr.

Product: AEN3571000A
  • Transducerized closed-loop control like all AcraDyne HT-Series tools.
  • Torque is measured at the output, not before the gearing like competing products.
  • A unique solution: Low profile head, small diameter, lever operated tools with the transducer at the output.
  • No effect on results caused by gear wear, like other angle tools. The torque reported is the torque delivered to the fastener.
  • Most accurate right-angle high torque tools in the world.
  • Smallest tools of their kind on the market.
  • Same durable high-cycle gearing as our other HT-series tools. 
  • Models up to 17,000 Nm available by special order.
  • This model is a fixtured tool.