Fixtured Type High Torque Tool: 425 Nm, 0.75 Sq. Dr., Fixed Gearcase

Product: AEF4A66425B


  • Built-in integral transducer for optimal monitoring and control
  • One of the most accurate high-torque tools in the world
  • 250 Nm - 17,000 Nm torque range
  • Ergonomic, robust design with five handle configurations that are also available in dual-lever models
  • The world's most advanced traceable system at the output
  • Three tightening strategies:
    • Torque Control: Drive the tool to a pre-set Target Torque
    • Angle Control: Drive the tool to or measure a pre-set Degree of Angle
    • Yield Control: Drive the tool to the Fastener Yield Point to achieve maximum clamp load
  • Data retrieval
  • Optional rugged carrying/storage case available
  • Designed and MADE IN THE USA