F-Series Nutrunner System Spindle Unit, for Tools with Max Torque Range 27 - 140 Nm

Product: UEC-F060H


Status Change Switch 

  • Run/Bypass change switch
  • Run: Operation possible status
  • Bypass: Non-operation status

External Communication Device 

  • RS485 connector

Resolver Connector

  • Tool and resolver connection

MON Connector (Monitor Output)

  • Analog torque electric pressure and angle pulse output

T/D Connector

  • Tools torque sensor connection

I/O Connector

  • External input and output control connection

MOTOR Connector

  • Connection with tools magnet motor

AC IN Connector

  • AC200V~220V 3-phase power socket


Available with or without UEC-MKB Display Unit. The optional display unit includes

Manual Operation Switches

  • START: manual start switch 
  • REVERSE: Manual reverse switch 
  • CAL: Manual calibration switch
  • RESET: Manual reset switch

Data Display Operation Switch

  • MODE switch
  • SET switch
  • DATA UP switch
  • DATA DOWN switch