500 Ft Lb / 680 Nm High Capactity Test Stand with Rundown Fixture for Testing Rotating Tools, 3/4" Sq. Dr.

Product: AHCTS-0500
Designed for Testing Tools with Continuous Rotating Output Spindles

Test stand includes a rundown fixture, bushing for side-load support, reaction post or reaction paddles, transducer, and torque analyzer display.


  • Transducer Accuracy – Better than +/- 1% FSD.
  • Test Stand for all Hand and Power Tools - Manual torque multipliers, powered torque multipliers, hydraulic wrenches, pulse tools, geared nutrunners, and Impact Wrenches – Capacities from 1,000 ft-lb (1,360 Nm) full scale to 25,000 ft-lb (34,000 Nm) full scale.
  • Designed to be ergonomic during testing of larger tools – Ideally suited for “rolling floor stand,” but can be mounted on bench.
  • Stand is designed for multiple reaction points for the convenience of testing larger tools.
  • Display has multiple engineering units and four (4) digit display.
  • Unbreakable cover protecting display from damage.
  • Serial Output for communication to PC or Serial printer.
  • Battery and/or Mains powered.
  • Optional Rundown Fixtures.