Field use controller for use with 220VAC input power

Product: iEC4W-220V


  • Multiple fastening strategies – Program up to 256 parameters with as many as 20 steps
  • Jobs capability – 99
  • Event log – 5,000
  • Backup & restore through USB 
  • Rundown storage – 1,000,000 
  • Real-time curve viewing. Curve storage – 20,000


  • Increased productivity means increased profits
  • Replace multiple conventional tools with one flexible controlled system


  • Compact, rugged case with easy carry handle makes field use easy and convenient.


  • No guessing, just reliable and accurate bolting
  • Automatically set torque and reduce operator error
  • Collect and analyze production data


  • Controlled tightening and consistent torque control improves quality
  • Process controls reduce human error, and ensure no missed fasteners, stripped threads, rehits, or damaged threads
  • No premature shut-off

Control Strategies (CW or CCW)

  • Torque Control (TC) — Provides target torque with high and low limits with simple pass or fail criteria for tightening threaded fasteners.
  • Torque Control with Angle Monitoring (TC/AM) — Allows user to monitor angle, rotation, and detect any changes in the joint rate which would indicate process problems.
  • Torque Monitoring with Angle Control (TM/AC) — Controls the amount of fastener rotation during tightening while also viewing applied torque.