HT DC Angle Nutrunner 3,000 Nm, 1" Sq. Dr., Dual-Lever

Product: AEN4B773000BDL
The 360° swivel gearcase gives you ultimate flexibility in limited-space applications


  • Easy access to previously hard-to-reach blade bolts
  • Faster speed than hydraulic tools
  • Acquires data in both loosening and retightening directions
  • Preset strategies and sequencing for ease of use
  • Most intuitive user interface in the industry for setup and data transfer
  • Slip ring gearbox for 360° reaction bar movement
  • Dual-lever option available
  • Measures traceable, dynamic torque directly at the square drive, and the built-in transducer ensures accurate torque values. The torque reported is the torque delivered
  • One of the most accurate high-torque right-angle tools in the world
  • Same durable, high-cycle gearing as AcraDyne’s industry-leading HT series tools
  • Available with an optional rugged, weather-resistant carrying case