High Torque Dual Lever Nutrunner, D Handle, 2,500 Nm, 360° Swivel Gearcase, 1" Sq. Dr.

Product: AED4B772500BDLL
Left-Side Handle


  • Built-in integral transducer for optimal monitoring and control
  • One of the most accurate high-torque tools in the world
  • 250 Nm – 17,000 Nm
  • Two-Hand No Tie Down Operation
  • No Tie Down Control: Operator must have both hands on and activating the dual-starting mechanisms simultaneously. Both hands must remain in position, activating the dual controls, at all times in order for the tool to operate.
  • Additional safety when using a tool with a reaction bar or nose extension. Operator’s hands remain on the controls and not in a position where they could be impacted by reaction devices
  • Hands stay clear of application
  • Helps avoid accidental starting of the tool
  • Available in Fixtured (F), J-Handle (J), Straight (S), as well as dual-handle configurations
  • Designed and MADE IN THE USA