AFRL Complete Air Preparation Unit, 1" NPT Port Size

Product: AFRL-8
Maximize tool life and performance by providing a clean, lubricated and regulated air supply


  • All models include L-mount bracket, gauge and metal bowl shields
  • Polycarbonate filter and lubricator bowls (metal bowls standard on AFRL-8)
  • 25-micron filter included on all models
  • Regulating range: 7 – 125 PSI
  • Maximum allowable input pressure not to exceed 120 PSI
  • Custom-order upgrade items include metal bowl, 5 micron filter, semi-automatic filter drain and reduced-PSI-range regulator. Contact an AIMCO sales representative for more information.

Basic Functions

The supply of clean, dry air is essential to the operation of pneumatic powered tools. Use only clean filtered air for longer tool life. Provide proper airflow (CFM) and regulate air pressure (PSI) for optimum performance.

To determine unit size for application, you will need to know:

  • Total air flow (CFM) required for application
  • Size of incoming air line
  • Size of air line required by tool
  • Air supply pressure (PSI)
  • Allowable pressure drop
  • If the application requires lubrication
  • If the overall system has the required capacity