Precision Clutch Cordless Tool, 1/4" Quick Change - Pistol Grip

Product: SPC-P21225Q
Pistol Grip


  • Assembly applications where torque accuracy is required
  • Areas where pneumatic or electric tools are impractical to use due to hoses/cables
  • Remote locations where utilities are unavailable


  • Diverse models with varying speeds and torque ranges
  • High Efficiency Motors for long battery life
  • Soft Start to reduce cross threading of fasteners
  • Restart delay to reduce double hits on fasteners


  • Optimized handle design balances weight for operator comfort
  • One touch, single cycle reverse button. Tools automatically revert to assembly direction
  • Built-in LED workpiece lights
  • Fast acting clutch design minimizes torque reaction


  • Proven battery technologies-NiCd or NiMh
  • Repeatable torque delivery at all battery levels. No loss in torque as battery drains!
  • Positive battery mount design insures that contacts remain intact during harsh use conditions


  • Precision Clutches for torque accuracy
  • EC Motor. Sealed for no maintenance usage
  • Handle materials selected for industrial use