Spring Balancer 5.5 to 11 lbs./2.5 to 5 kg

Product: ASB-5C
Spring Balancers
  • Extended Cable Length: AT 7.2 ft., the ASB-3C and ASB-5C stainless steel cables allow for extended reach on applications. The ASB-0C has a cable length of 4.26 ft.

  • Built-in Safety Features: The cable, drum and containerized spring are fully visible without opening the unit for easy and convenient safety checks. The sturdier spiral spring is enclosed for greater control and safety.

  • Ergonomic Spring Release: The automatic safety lock provides extra control while adjusting the cable.

  • Durable Cable: Stainless steel wire cable will not shed with wear. Plastic coated cables can shed their coating with wear and, therefore, cannot be used in many electronic applications.

  • Enhanced Gear Mechanism: Allows for more exact adjustment of tension.

  • No Recoil and Low Resistance: Tapered drum style provides gravity-defying tool positioning and low travel.

  • Compact Design Saves Space

  • Adjustable Cable Stops

  • Additional Features: 360-degree upper swivel, tool clip and safety chain provision.