Auditor Torque Data Analyzer

Product: ATDA
Accurate, Easy-to-Use, Versatile Data Analyzer for Manufacturing Production Line


  • Light weight and portable for production line auditing.
  • 16 hour continuous use battery life.
  • Monitors torque, angle & pulse count.
  • Track, Peak, First Peak and Pulse modes for use with all types of assembly tools.
  • Programmable frequency response.
  • Memory storage of 999 data points.
  • Visible indication of OK or NOT?OK rundowns.
  • Display of X-bar, Sigma, Cp & Cpk statistical values.
  • Serial data output.
  • IS style transducer compatibility through interface cable. Statistics Display.
  • Data collecting models allow multiple files/tools/applications to be associated with torque data and includes Tool Manager.