Auto Relief Shut Off 3/8" Sq Dr 15-32NM

Product: UAT-60


  • Patented Auto Relief system within Pulse Unit
  • Automatic Shut-Off to reduce operator influence
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio


  • High free speeds up to 6700 RPM for fast cycle times
  • Auto Relief (PAT) applies rapid even pulses for reduced tightening times
  • Reaction free Pulse Tools eliminate reaction arms providing operator freedom of movement


  • Pulse technology provides reaction free tightening
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Rubber grip and easy activating trigger for operator comfort


  • Revolutionary engineered O-Ring design provides long lasting leak free performance between maintenance intervals
  • Pulse Unit roller blade design reduces friction during rapid pulse delivery


  • Patented Auto Relief technology ramps up torque per pulse eliminating torque spike when bolt initially seats
  • Protected torque adjuster location protects against unintended torque output changes
  • Tightening Monitor (TM) feature available for Process Verification
    The TM option uses the positive air signal upon shut-off for the optional UTM-1500 Fastening Counter

When Your Process Requires:

  • Verification of a "Good" predefined tightening event.
  • Fastener Counting
  • Communication of “Good/No-Good” information or batch complete information to Line Controls
  • Outputs for Lights or Audible Devices

What Do I Need (for TM)?

  • New or Retrofitted tool with TM option, Check with AIMCO Customer Service for Details, 1-800-852-1368.
  • UTM-1500 Fastening Counter or other compatible qualifier
  • Digital Pressure Switch (P/N 909-849-0)


Note: Torque Ranges reflect residual B joint torque values