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Auditor Software

Auditor Tool Manager Software:

Tool Manager Software is included with the purchase of AUET-DC and AUET/MTM-DC data-collecting torque testers, as well as the ADW-DC data-collecting torque wrench. Create a database of tools and store test results with this easy-to-use software integrator to/from tester to PC. 

Auditor Audit Manager Software:

Audit Manager Software is included with the purchase of ATDA-DC data collecting torque analyzers. The View Data tab allows you to look at the collected data and the trace file. This data can be exported to Excel as a .csv file and displayed by Excel charts. The trace file displays the data in a torque/time graph and allows the user to supersede the move-on reading selected by the wrench by visually discerning via the trace where the fastener started to rotate. When selecting a single job the average, range, sigma, Cp, and CpK values are listed.