Auditor ATDA Torque Data Analyzer

The Auditor Torque Data Analyzer (ATDA) DC is designed to be portable or conveniently placed on a bench. Depending on requirements, the tester can be connected to various transducers. In addition, it can be connected to transducerized wrenches, rotary or stationary transducers. The user interface is common between the ATC (Cube), AUET, AUET-DC, AUET/MTM, AUET/MTM-DC, ATDA, and ATDA-DC. All of these instruments have similar menus. Additionally, all data collector testers utilize Auditor Tool Manager for tool testing and data management.

The Auditor Torque Data Analyzer is available in two configurations:

  • ATDA:  A simple torque analyzer with sequential memory, 999 data samples, engineering limits, limited statistical processing average, range, Cp and CpK with serial output.   
  • ATDA-DC: Contains all of the features of the ATDA and has additional file capability. It can associate data with file names and manage data collection with a computer and Auditor Tool Manager software.   

This is a great “starter” tool management system. It provides testing, archiving, and analysis of tools at single or multiple torque targets. The tool and torque data is stored in a SQL database and can be exported to Excel or any .csv spreadsheet.

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