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Systems for SEMS Fasteners


  • One hand operation eliminates manual handling of screws
  • Screw is presented to operator for easy magnetic or vacuum pickup
  • Keeps workspace clear of dropped fasteners
  • Quick feed rate from oscillating hopper design — up to two (2) screws per second
  • Large hopper holds approximately 1,000 — 1,500 fasteners
  • Solid design — no tie downs or straps required
  • Perfect for contract or dedicated assembly
  • Switch rails in minutes for different screw sizes
  • Allows for fewer arm and hand movements
  • Heavy duty industrial design
  • Modular design for easy repairs
  • Uses existing or our new torque control drivers
  • Keeps stray fasteners from getting into assemblies
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A315V Automatic Screw Feed System, Hopper Capacity of 450cc (500 - 2500pcs) 00 Request a Quote View Product