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AcraDyne to Supply High-Capability Tooling for One of the World’s Most Powerful Offshore Wind Turbines

Continuing a decade long partnership, AcraDyne HT tools continue to be the bolting tools of choice for GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X offshore wind turbine assembly.


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AcraDyne Proves Excellence in Wind Tower Hub Bolting

After 6 months and 47,000 rundowns, AcraDyne’s HT DC 8,100Nm Extreme Duty Series tool dominates in a hub application that burned out seven competitor’s tools in 24 hours.


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Still Going Strong After 5 Years of Wind Tower Maintenance 

Severe, remote environments are tough on even the toughest tools. It is necessary for tools to not only be durable, but consistently sustain longterm reliability and certification.

AcraDyne supplied a 4,200 Nm HT bolting tool, which was put into service in 2014 for repeated heavy-duty use. Still going strong after 5 years and more than 33,700 cycles, AcraDyne's bolting tool proves that its total cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry. 


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Superior Durability Begins with Better Tool Design

AcraDyne's tools are Made Tough and Designed and Assembled in the USA. This case study is a compilation of several projects throughout the USA.

From a 4,200 Nm HT bolting tool still going strong after 5 years in wind maintenance to an automotive assembly line solution to increase the speed of critical fastening, AcraDyne works with customers to provide custom solutions that meet every industry's needs.  


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Fast Track To High Torque: One Hour Instead of Six 

This application involved tightening more than 200 bolts in a confined space. Tool ergonomics and speed were imperative to complete the job quickly and safely. Hydraulic tools were heavy, cumbersome, slow, and had not supplied the needed torque accuracy for the customer. 

AcraDyne supplied a high-torque DC angle tool that can complete in an hour what it takes hydraulic tools 6 hours to complete. The speed of completion increased by 500%.  


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Ultimate Operator Safety for Lifting Large Bolting Tools 

AcraDyne worked jointly with the customer to develop a custom lifting solution within a tight budget and short timeframe. The design needed to be simple and lightweight, yet robust enough to be transported and used in a challenging environment. AcraDyne designed the portable, innovative XD Lift Assist with input directly from the customer. In addition, AcraDyne provided how-to videos, user manuals, and instruction on how to quickly assemble and disassemble the unit. The XD Lift Assist is now used in projects across Mexico and South America.     


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